Best DTH Service in India

Airtel HD Connection with My Sports Pack

1,900 1,600

HD box with My Sports pack free for a month and up to 10 meter wire will be free with installation.

Product Description

Best DTH Service in India

Question asked by many but honestly and correctly answered by none. The reason why no one answers this question properly is either they do not have correct information or they have their own interest attached in the answer. Best DTH service in India cannot be declared without mentioning the terms and conditions. First I would like to mention that Audio and Video quality of all DTH service providers is all same. I am not able to identify any difference between any of the service providers. One thing which you should keep in mind is the signal strength which your set top box is receiving. As that will decide your viewing experience, it should be around 80% bare minimum.

Now the question remains the same, how else should we distinguish between all of them? Money factor always matters in every case for one and most importantly the service which we get from the DTH companies. Now the service provided by the companies is directly dependent upon their service franchises. For every region they have a different service center, some could be good and some not so good. So basically it all depends up on how good is the service franchise of your particular area. Whichever company has a better service franchise in your area will provide you better service.


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