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Airtel HD Set Top Box

1,900 1,550

HD set top box with “My kids” pack free for a month. Along with free installation and up to 10 meter wire is included. Any extra material consumed will be charged extra by Airtel which can only be informed at the time of installation.

Product Description

Airtel HD Set top box

This connection is for all Television lovers who like to watch cartoon channels as this package has additional cartoon channels. The name of this pack is “My Kids Pack” which has addition channels for kids. This set top box is capable of delivering HD channels as well. It also has a recording feature, which is a pretty good deal in this price. It has free delivery and installation along with this package. Airtel is known for its faster installation and service process. Free installation includes up to 10 meter wire if more than 10 meter wire is used in the installation process, it will be charged extra by Airtel. Even if some other extra material is required for installation like jointer or may be connector, it will also be charged extra.

Airtel HD set top box also comes with a universal remote. Universal remote can used to operate your television and set top box both. HDMI cable comes along with the Airtel HD set top box as it has HDMI port. Problem comes with the television which does not have an HDMI port. For those cases we have an AV port as well. For using an AV port you need to have an AV cable.

There are many channels which not available in this package. If only has 2 sports channels and most English channels are missing from the list. As per Airtel you can also get 2 regional languages free with this package. This box has 5 times better picture quality and Dolby digital sound which an icing on a cake. In order to experience this kind of clarity your television must be connected through an HDMI cable.


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