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DTH is the need of the hour

Airtel Digital Tv

Fastest Service provider

Tata Sky

Best picture clarity across industry

Dish Tv

Oldest Dth provider in India

Videocon D2H

Fastest growing DTH Provider

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DTH providers in India
Who is the best DTH service provider in India?

DTH services have been improving at a rapid pace ever since they were launched in India. There are 4 major DTH service providers in India. Most of the DTH services in India have more than 500 channels to offer. On top of that consumers are not forced to pay for all the channels available, they can decide the channels which they want to watch and will only have to pay for those channels. DTH providers have packages less than Rs 150 per month. In terms of picture clarity and sound quality DTH is far ahead of cable connection, however it is very difficult to distinguish between the DTH service providers in terms of video and sound quality. Yes we cannot ignore the fact that service plays a major role but that also depends upon your geographical location. If we are forced to rate the best DTH service in India from our point of view, this how we see it.

  • Airtel Digital tv

    Airtel digital TV has emerged as the no 1 DTH service provider because of the better co-ordination seen between their sales and service teams.

  • Tata Sky

    Tata Sky has always been known for its service and being one of the matured plays in this industry.

  • Dish TV

    Dish TV was the first DTH service provider and has maximum market share in India.

  • Videocon D2H

    Videocon D2H is the fastest growing service provider in India and has surprised many with its grown rate.

Comparing DTH connection with Cable connection.

Direct To Home (DTH) service as the name suggest, it comes directly to your home, so you are not dependent on anyone else like your cable operator. If electricity is not available in your area but you have a back up, you can watch TV as DTH is available 24*7. In DTH you only have to pay when you want to watch, on the other hand in cable connection you have to pay every month. Only Drawback of DTH is that it creates problem if it is raining outside. The picture clarity and sound quality in DTH is far superior than cable connection.

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